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Latest GST Rates on Marble, Granite and other Building construction stone

GST Rates on Marble and Granite

The Indian Government’s ambitious “One nation one Tax” System, GST (Goods and Service tax) is imposed on every type of Business. There are various GST rates of Building construction material like Granite and Marble. GST rates on Marble and granite stone is imposed using the HSN Code. “Harmonized System of Nomenclature” or simply HSN is a multipurpose product nomenclature designed by “world customs organization”. Our Government used HSN code in GST invoicing to meet the tuning of Indian standard with international Standard. Learn more about HSN on CBEC website


GST Rates On Marble and Granite.

Under GST, Tax rates vary between 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. The Government of India announced flat 18% GST rate on polished marble and Granite Slab o tiles today. Building Stone Material like Marble, granite, Sand Stone falls under the chapter 68 of HSN Code.

List of GST Rates on building Construction Stones

HSN ChapterStone MaterialHSN Code GST Rates(%)
Monumental & Building Stones(68)Marble Slab and Tiles680218
Granite slab and Tiles680218
Sand Stone Slab and Tiles680218
Travertine(not Blocks)680218
Other Calcareous Stone680218
Slate and Sandstone(25)Marble and travertine, other than blocks25151290, 2515122005
Marble and travertine blocks2515121005

IS Latest GST Beneficial for Marble or Granite (building stone) Buyers?

Yes, GST is beneficial for the customers. Previously the Tax on Marble product was 16.5%, But Customer have to pay additional State government’s Value Added Tax(VAT) which was applied on Products according to state government taxation system(It was around 23%). But, now costumers have to pay only 18% GST on Building Stone Material.

Some of Marble Manufacturers and Suppliers was Signing petition to reduce the GST rate to 18% from 28%  and today is the day INDIAN Government has announced latest GST rate on marble and Granite or other stone which is 18% from today onwards. Government has reduced the existing rate and it is more beneficial to end user buying their choice of marble and stones.

FROM 01/07/2017 TO 06/09/2017 (UPDATE)

Is Marble Mining Strike Over Now?

Yes, Rajasthan’s 30% GDP comes from the mining of Marble, Granite, Sandstone and Travertine. Currently 80% of Indian marbles are being sold on an average rate of Rs 50 and approximately 90% of Indian granite is sold on an average rate of Rs 65 to 70. GST Rate of 28% can kill this industry; SO Marble traders went on strike to reduce the GST rate from 28% to 5%. But, now everything is normal. Marble mining and trading industry is back in Action.



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