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Bring Elegance Into Your kitchen with Black Granite Countertops

Bring Elegance Into Your kitchen with Black Granite Countertops

Update your Kitchen with Black Granite Countertops.

Black Granite is a natural stone used for countertops and other surfaces. It’s a must-have in any kitchen and doesn’t cost as much as you think! In this blog article, you’ll learn why Black Granite is an excellent material in your kitchen, where you can find Black Granite at a lower cost than other materials, and some of the benefits of using this stone in your kitchen.

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What Is Black Granite?

Black Granite is a type of granite known for its jet-black color. The color will vary, betting on wherever it had been quarried. However, it’s generally a deep black color. It makes black granite a popular choice for flooring and Kitchen countertops because it looks amazing and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

Black Granite is also very strong and durable, making it a great choice for kitchen countertops and other high-traffic areas. Granite can also be used for flooring, wall cladding, murals, and other artwork.


If you’re looking for an amazing flooring or countertop option, you must check out black granite. You won’t regret it!

Benefits of a Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

Black granite is a beautiful addition to any home. Here are just some of the many benefits: 

  1. Black granite looks great with any color flooring, furniture, and wall colors.
  2. It’s a very durable material than White Granite.
  3. Black Granite has a high resistance to water and acids, making it perfect for a kitchen where food is prepared and served.
  4. It has a natural look that can be enhanced with bright countertops or tiles. 
  5. Black Granite has a natural fine-grain texture that adds beauty and character to the kitchen while still being durable and long-lasting.
  6. For its sharp and bold looks, black granite is a favorite. Black granite could be a good investment and a sensible alternative for anyone who desires to feature sophistication in their homes. 
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5 Reasons Why Having A Black Granite So Solid In Your Home Is Essential

When shopping for a Granite Countertop, it can be hard to decide if black granite is the right choice for your home. After all, black granite is a very dark color. But don’t let this scare you away! Here are five reasons why black granite is essential in any home.

1) Black Granite Is Gorgeous And timeless.

2) Black Granite is Sturdy and Durable.

3) Black Granite Doesn’t Easily Show Fingerprints or Smudges.

4) Black Granite Looks Great with any Style of Home.

5) Black Granite is Very Cost-Effective.



Types Of Black Granite:-


What are the colors that go with Black Countertops?

There are a lot of colors that go with black countertops. Some individuals like a lot of ancient looks, whereas others prefer to combine things up a touch. Whatever your style, there’s likely a color that will work well with your Black Granite Countertops. With Rk Marbles India, you’ll be ready to get to grasp choices that look beautiful and excellently paired with one another. Some of the Colours that Go with Black Countertops are:

1. White:-

The mixture of black granite countertops and white cabinets is timeless and unaltered. It creates sensible distinction and a surprising style statement despite your kitchen style.

Black Granite Countertops
Black Granite Countertops


2. Grey:-

Its a muted color offers a lavish feel to the kitchen space. You’ll use the gray cabinets to feature a lot of dimension and depth while not toning things down.


3. Cream:-

The cream color produces a stylish look and warmth to your kitchen space. It looks great with rustic Italian style and muted brick walls.


4. A pop of citrus color:-

Several new trends emerge each season. However, a mixture and match of a citrus color produce a stark distinction from the black tabletop. You’ll cowl the walls with a white backsplash to create a contemporary yet modern look.


Overall, the choices are immense regarding the cabinet colors with black granite countertops. Anything paired with the black graphite countertop imparts a detailed look and adds an expensive feel to the room.



What Backsplash Goes well with Black Granite:-

How to match black granite with a backsplash and what Backsplash goes with black granite are questions many people think about when they want to remodel their kitchen and put in new black granite Countertops. If you lack backsplash ideas, keep reading this article to learn more about the backsplash material of your choice. This article will tell you what Backsplash goes with black granite.

For a black granite countertop, you can use a lighter color for the Backsplash or a darker color if you want a more dramatic look for your kitchen.

1. Subway Tiles


2. Mosaic Tiles


3. White Marble 


4. Granite ( Same Stone as the Countertop)


5. Quartzite Tiles


6. Stone Tiles



Regarding Granite, people can be divided into camps: those who swear by black granite and those who think it’s overrated. After reading this article, I’m confident you will fall in love with black granite. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using black granite in your next project:

1) Black Granite is Stunning on Any Wall or Countertop

2) It Adds Depth and Character to any Space

3) It Looks Professional and Luxurious

You need to opt for the black granite carefully before creating any choices. You can take guidance and easily book a free online consultation with our design experts at rkmarblesindia.com. 

FAQ About Black Granite Countertops:-


1. How do I install black Granite countertops?

Black Granite is a natural stone; it needs to be cut and shaped to the right dimensions with a diamond tool before you can install it. When the slab arrives at your home, it must be cut and shaped. To maintain an even surface, sheets of plywood will need to be screwed down, and the surface will need one or two coats of sealer.

2. How much does black granite marble cost?

Black Granite marble is a natural stone, so the prices aren’t exactly fixed. But generally speaking, black Granite can cost you 28$ to 250$ per sq ft. 

3. How long can Black Granite be used?

Black Granite is a natural material that will last for decades without showing signs of wear. However, some surfaces might start wearing at the ends out of their natural curvatures – but this only happens to specific designs and not all Black Granites.

4. What is the best way to clean black granite countertops after cooking them?

You can wipe down your black Granite countertops with a damp cloth or use a diluted solution of water and vinegar to clean them.

5. Why do black granite countertops change color over time?

Black Granite is not painted with paint or paint chalk as it is a natural stone that changes color in response to heat and light. Once the Granite has fully darkened, and you want it to stay black, use a concrete sealer like Epoxy One.

6. Can I use black Granite on my dishwasher?

A lot of people are afraid to use black Granite on their dishwashers. Your dishwasher is protected with a special rubber coating that adheres to the Granite, so there is no way for it to get dirty or damage your appliance.

7. Is Black Granite more expensive than other colors?

Black Granite is not necessarily more expensive than other colors but often more expensive than light-colored ones. Some manufacturers offer discounts on products they would like to sell at a lower price, which can change from manufacturer to manufacturer. That is why it is important to compare prices before you buy anything.

Black Granite Countertops
Black Granite Countertops

R.K Marbles India is a renowned Black Granite manufacturer in India. We offer a wide range of marble, granite, and sandstone with assured quality and the best price.

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