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6 Ways To Use Marble Tray in your decor!

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6 Ways To Use Marble Tray in your decor!

Gorgeous marble trays are always classy and are a lovely way to add style and grace to your home. Trays are incredibly versatile home decor elements that can be styled in many ways.

Here are my favourite ways to use marble trays in your decor to keep things organised and beautiful:-

1. Bathroom

Having a tray in the bathroom is a great way to keep all your cleansers, moisturisers, soaps and other essentials organised and in a single spot. It prevents things from creating clutter on counters and makes it easy to reach for exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Bedroom

A marble tray in the bedroom holds anything and everything. Flowers, lights, candles, perfumes , photos and jewellery are just some of the things you can put in your tray to keep things both organised and looking good.

3. Dining Room


Using a marble tray on your dining room table is a convenient way to style the table and keep things close to hand. Flowers, candles, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, glasses and other decorative items helps you to add elements to the table and make it easy to move everything when it comes to clean up and you can easily transport things between the kitchen and eating areas.

4. Kitchen

A tray in the kitchen is the perfect way to keep certain things together. The salt, turmeric, coriander belong with the other frequently used ingredients like oils, sauces, vinegar so why not keep them all together in one convenient spot? Also it’s a great way to keep pots of indoor herbs so they’re always on hand, and you can add flavour to the food while cooking.

5. Bar

Certain bar objects like martini shakers, decanters, wine glasses, water pitcher and even some bottles have a classic beauty to them. Rather than shut away that beauty in a cupboard or cabinet, put your bar tools and bottles on display in a serving tray. It’ll make your space seem more sophisticated and is an easy way to create a stylish vignette.

6. Living Room

The marble tray in a living room is a chic accent for a coffee table. You can easily display some of your decorative items like coasters, candles, flowers, magazines and newspapers on it. It adds functionality and decor to the living room.

So, This is 6 Ways To Use Marble Tray in your decor!

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