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There are several reasons that granite countertops are among the most popular high-end choices for the room and bathroom.

Their quality looks to possess endurance – and should be growing – as new granite tabletop choices are created obtainable for home transforming. Here are the five edges of putting in granite countertops.

Granite is Tough and Durable

Granite is rock-hard, literally. It’s second solely to diamond in terms of the harness of natural materials. once properly put in, it’ll be the last tabletop you ever want. If you replace it down the road, it’ll be as a result of you would like to and not as a result of you have got to.

It resists breaking, scratching and cracking. owing to their hardness, granite counters are heat resistant. If you are doing manage to chip or crack the granite, it’s a comparatively simple issue to mend, betting on the severity of the harm.

Whereas it’s not suggested, if you often set a hot pan or receptacle directly on the tabletop, it won’t harm it the approach it’d laminate, wood and alternative softer materials.

Maintenance is Easy

The granite counters should be properly sealed, associate degreed that’s why it’s an excellent plan to possess an intimate with skilled do the installation.

however once sealed per the manufacturer’s pointers, the granite tabletop can resist staining and microorganism. you’ll be able to conjointly seal them yourself.

This makes cleanup straightforward exploitation soap and water, or with a cleaner designed for your granite. Get to spilled juice quickly – that you must do with any tabletop material – and you’ll fancy a stain-free counter surface that appears like new for many years.


Granite Boosts a Home’s Value

New granite countertops build your home a lot of valuable yet as a lot of engaging. The come on your investment is as high as 100%. meaning they’ll probably increase your home’s market price by the quantity you pay on them.

Here’s otherwise to seem at it. If potential consumers area unit staring at 2 homes and your home has granite countertops whereas the opposite one doesn’t, the granite would possibly build the distinction during which home they choose.

5 Reason to choose granite for your countertops


They’re a Great Long-term Investment

While you’re enjoying your countertops made of granite over subsequent 30+ years, one neighbour could be commutation their laminate counters 3 times whereas another replaces wood countertops doubly and has them refinished many times.

They’ll last doubly as long as standard materials like quartz . Here’s the point: within the semipermanent, granite countertops are a really cost-efficient answer for several owners.



Granite Countertops Offer Stunning Beauty

This is why you’re considering them, right? For all their different qualities, what very stands out concerning granite counters area unit their beautiful look. The natural charm of the stone, with its rough-textured, gently-hued beauty, is best by most the other material.

5 Reasons to choose granite for your countertops


Granite counters work well within the room and toilet. They secret is to possess them put in by an full-fledged skilled World Health Organization can properly seal them. If they’ve already been put in, they still have to be compelled to be sealed.

Make certain to rent AN full-fledged skilled, or have intercourse yourself. Keep your granite countertop notch maintained, and they’ll still offer you outstanding beauty and performance within the decades ahead.