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40X40:Table Lamp Madefrom Single Marble Tile

Have you guys ever thought about discarded marble tiles in dusty warehouses? What can you get from 40 x 40 cm discarded marble tiles? What can you make by cutting them with a water-jet machine and then assembling the pieces without creating any waste?

Discarded marble reused and transformed into a resource through waterjet cutting.

Italian designers Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti experimented with these questions and unleashed its potential to create some breathtaking and functional new product like “+ or – ” lamp, lamp made from Carrara Marble.

The four pieces that form the marble table lamp are made by cutting one marble tile of 40 x 40 cm and 1 cm thickness with a water-jet machine, without producing any waste material. The lamp is easily assembled and disassembled using simple joints. The light can be adjusted (To increase or decrease the light intensity) simply by tilting the lampshade backwards and forwards.


What we love most about this product – It’s highly practical as well as sophisticated, because of the minimalism and function of the design and it’s made up from recycled waste .

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